In the gap between eastern and western medicine becomes a source of treatment for balance and wellness, Functional Integrative Medicine was developed. Most practitioners of Functional Medicine address the causes of a patient's discomfort, to search out the root of imbalance. For you as a patient, you might finally get the clarity and relief you are seeking. 

For example, have you been complaining to your traditional doctor of being tired and having discomfort, over and over again? Yet the only response you get is that he/she says your blood tests are "normal". Being treated with the holistic approach of Functional Medicine might be your answer. 

Kathleen Lee Acupuncture integrates the best of the wisdom behind a 5,000 year old tradition with the training of modern medicine to support her patients. By utilizing the tools that western medicine has to offer, Kathleen is able to educate and empower her patients to truly utilize preventative medicine and address imbalances before the body is in a "disease" state. She does this by educating her patients on nutrition, lifestyle and prescribing whole food supplements.